Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Patient Appreciation Day with Olaf!

Last Saturday I went to my Chiropractic office and freehanded a 3D Olaf from the Movie Frozen to help out with their Christmas themed Patient Appreciation Day!

The Family Center for Chiropractic is an awesome place where I have been going for over a year now, and now I have my husband going as well! I have never felt better and look forward to get adjusted. If you don't know much about chiropractic work I suggest you go in and attend one of their free Tuesday night wellness classes.

Now, OLAF! He took about an hour and a half.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Artworks Eau Gallie November 2014

A lot of last minute planning was done to make the annual Artworks Festival great for everyone, we had some rainy weather to deal with but all in all it was a good day.

As I am the chalk coordinator for this festival I don't put much into my own piece since I have to run around and make sure everyone is hydrated and happy. I did however do a quick small piece based of of a Selina Fenech piece. It in no way does her art justice, but I was working from memory...

I don't know how long he took, maybe 45 minutes.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Silver Springs November 2014

 Silver Springs was great! It was a very small event, as one of the biggest chalk festivals took place that weekend as well, but I had a blast here with a small group of just 4 artists. We were sitting in the beautiful park, chalking at our leisure, and enjoying the weather. The surface was great and we had an overhang on the sidewalk (no sun!). So it was amazing, not to mention how well we were treated by the organizers.... needless to say I am excited to go back.
 My first day I came late, did my dog Harley in about 2 hours then started on the other dogs the second day, about 1 dog every 15-30 minutes. So I have to estimate about 8 hours total (if that).
Who are these other dogs? Some are related, some belong to portrait clients, some are for the other artists, and some are friends with my dog Harley on instagram - @harleythehusky

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Marietta ChalkFest in Georgia 2014

This past weekend I was at my favorite festival of the year – Marietta ChalkFest! They expanded a bit from last year so there was a huge selection of artists from all over. It is always great to make new friends and catch up with the ones you don’t get to see that often. I have never met a group of people with so much energy and passion, it is so uplifting.

Marietta is my favorite festival for many reasons, but how we are treated and organization are the two big ones. The people that put together the festival really go out of their way to make sure you feel welcome, are comfortable, and to let you know that you are appreciated. With each visit my Husband and I are just more and more determined that Georgia is where we need to be. Enough praise just cannot be given to the organizers for their organization. They really had thought of everything – we had tarp’s lining the street so we could all cover for rain as a group, guys with leaf blowers to move the rain off the plastic, and even hand washing stations! It was incredible.

It was a Halloween themed festival this year so I decided to do a Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) piece. It was 10x10ft and took about 12 hours, although that is just a guess since there were lots of rain delays. And my sponsor was Resurgens Orthopaedics, which I decided to incorporate into the piece instead of just below.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Family Days Festival in Port Orange, FL - 2014

This past weekend I was at Family Days Festival in Port Orange, FL for their 15th annual chalk festival. The chalk portion is hosted by Arthaus a great non-profit that runs art classes and event's in the area. I havn't done this festival since 2012 so it was great to come back, it is a beautiful festival with lots of shade and designated chalking space (so fewer people walk on your work).

I did my new twin nieces, Nylah and Sophia, they were about 8 months in my reference picture.
5x5 ft, 6 hours
Presidents Award

Friday, April 18, 2014

CreARTivity Video Feature

Remember when I was on CreARTivity WDSC-15 a few weeks ago? Well they have uploaded it to youtube so now I can share it with anyone who missed the feature! I answer tons of Street Art questions, as well as do a small demo.

I have yet to bring myself to watch it, but I hear good reviews - let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Circus Arts United

I am a little behind in posting, so to catch you up a bit I was part of Circus Arts United a few weekends ago, where I was invited to be part of their company to create some amazing art along with various other street performers who were fire spinning, juggling, acrobatics, ect. Their entire group is available for hire, so I encourage you to check out their website and some of the amazing stuff they do. I hope to do more work with them in the future.

I participated in two shows,  April 4th Fort Myers Art Walk and April 5th Diamond Head resort, grand opening which was also a promo for Wicked Dolphin rum .

7x12, 5.3 hours, Fantasy creation
Inspired/modified replica of Melanie Stimmell's piece (at customer's request) at the Art Walk.

The bricks were tough, but I have now officially done my first "legit" 3D piece.
7x5, 5.3 hours, Fantasy creation
Inspired/modified replica of Julian Beever's piece (at customer's request) at the Diamond Head resort grand opening in Ft Myers.

Yes that is a parking spot, strange surface to work on, but beats the heat.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

CreARTivity WDSC-15

“Tune in TONIGHT to WDSC-15 at 7:30PM for CreARTivity, a weekly, live, call-in show featuring cutting edge artists and their cutting edge art. Join our host, Lou McNally and his guest, artist Chelsey Austin, for a program featuring Street Art! Have your questions answered LIVE during the show by calling 1-800-901-9238, or email at

Viewable to everyone in Florida, I will be talking about street art, answering questions, and doing a demo! Next week I will make a blog posting answering more questions as a follow up - be sure to tune in!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Uptown Art Expo - 2014

I have a confession... I am in love with Alecia Moore. I have been forever. P!nk is my all time favorite musician, hands down.

This year I decided to celebrate her by doing a portrait - and what better place than the Uptown Art Expo in Altamonte, FL since one of their main theme's is music. It took about 5 hours, 5x7ft.

I got off to a good start as some college students from Daytona stopped by to film by progress (more on that in my next post) although the day did not look promising as bad weather loomed. We tapped everything up and left as it started to pour. The next morning everything was ruined but myself and a few other artists were determined to get through and finish our pieces. Well, our determination paid off as the remaining 5 artists all got an award - and I won best of show!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hyde Park - 2014

For this year's Hyde Park I decided to do a rather ambitious piece belonging to Josephine Wall entitled "Iris Keep if the Rainbow" - I highly encourage you to check out her amazing art at

This piece was 10x10 ft and took about 9 hours to create over the course of two day's. Another Chalk Artist (BK Lyons) was nice enough to take a picture of it with a fish eye lense, so I have a pretty cool shot.

My time lapse died toward the end of the first day and I didn't get a chance to reset up, but it is still pretty cool:

AND.......... I won an award of merit! It has been a while so I was pretty happy :)

You can always visit/like me on facebook for live updates as an event happens at

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

HiMSS 2014 – Intermountain Healthcare Exhibit

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking part in Intermountain Healthcare’s exhibit at the 2014 HiMSS, the industry's largest health IT educational program and exhibition center. Intermountain Healthcare is a non-profit healthcare system located in Utah who was rolling out some pretty amazing technology, specifically a real time 3D video camera and screen.

 I was on location in Orlando for 4 day’s creating live art for the people passing by, highlighting some of Intermountain’s core ideal’s and new technology’s.

Sunday I did this first piece in about 4 hours, which was to help demonstrate how the 3D technology was bringing new life to healthcare possibilities. It was later turned into a sign to help draw attention to the 3D features that were on display at the booth.

Now, setbacks happen, so the first half of Monday I fixed up some crazy footprint work on the above piece and started in on my second piece – a girl “rising above” healthcare. She is depicted leaving the hospital room below and coming up to join us on the main exhibit floor. Thank you to SenshiStock for always have amazing stock I can reference for all my unique perspectives.

Tuesday I finished the girl and started on the largest piece (4x6ft) of the week, a scene depicting what was being displayed inside of the RV – camera’s were placed on top of an NICU unit allowing the doctor to view the baby from his tablet at any location, thus monitoring her improvement in real time and with real high quality video imagery. Forgot the doctor side for a second, and just think of how amazing it would be to be that close to your baby in hard times like that were they are unreachable.

Wednesday I finished this piece up and then explored the main floor a bit. It was amazing to see all of these great companies networking and displaying things I didn’t even know existed. The two smaller pieces were 4x4, the largest 4x6 and all took 4-6 hours each.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Looking ahead...

Keep an eye out- soon I will be doing a video workshop for first time artists, a chalk review, special time lapses, and other fun things!

And for real time updates (because we are entering chalk season!) be sure to follow my facebook ArtOfChelsey

Artfest Ft Myers 2014

This past weekend I was one of the professional chalk artists at ArtFest Ft Myer's for the second year! We instruct and judge 14 teams of high school student's while completing a sponsor piece (thank you Truy Nolen) and our own. It is always super tough because the students do such amazing work and we can never agree on just who is the top. This year the other very talented professional artists were Charfade, Lee Jones, BK Lyons, and Ron Hawkins.

My finished piece, which I like to call "DIY", was inspired by Alice in Wonderland's Absinthe the caterpillar. Size was about 7x7 and took a little over 5 hours to complete.

Then on Sunday I came back and did a 1x2ft spider, about 30 minutes, just for some added fun!

Some extra photo's from this weekend:

Photo credit for some of these go to Charfade, who also did the ant. We all shared work on the sponsor piece.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Festival List

Just a quick update with a list of 2014 Street Festivals I am planning on attending this year!

 Now, these are just the festival’s that have confirmed dates, I will probably have an updated fall last toward the end of summer. If you would like me to participate in your festival or event please email me at

January 31-February 2 ArtFest Chalk Art Experience - Fort Myers, FL

March 15-16 Hyde Park Chalk Walk - Tampa, FL

March 22-23 Bloom'n Chalk Fest - Safety Harbor, FL

March 29 Uptown Art Expo – Altamonte, FL

April 5 Spring Fever in the Garden - Winter Garden, FL

May 3-4 Paseo Pastel - St. Augustine, FL

October 10-12 Marietta Chalk Festival – Marietta, GA