Tuesday, March 11, 2014

HiMSS 2014 – Intermountain Healthcare Exhibit

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking part in Intermountain Healthcare’s exhibit at the 2014 HiMSS, the industry's largest health IT educational program and exhibition center. Intermountain Healthcare is a non-profit healthcare system located in Utah who was rolling out some pretty amazing technology, specifically a real time 3D video camera and screen.

 I was on location in Orlando for 4 day’s creating live art for the people passing by, highlighting some of Intermountain’s core ideal’s and new technology’s.

Sunday I did this first piece in about 4 hours, which was to help demonstrate how the 3D technology was bringing new life to healthcare possibilities. It was later turned into a sign to help draw attention to the 3D features that were on display at the booth.

Now, setbacks happen, so the first half of Monday I fixed up some crazy footprint work on the above piece and started in on my second piece – a girl “rising above” healthcare. She is depicted leaving the hospital room below and coming up to join us on the main exhibit floor. Thank you to SenshiStock for always have amazing stock I can reference for all my unique perspectives.

Tuesday I finished the girl and started on the largest piece (4x6ft) of the week, a scene depicting what was being displayed inside of the RV – camera’s were placed on top of an NICU unit allowing the doctor to view the baby from his tablet at any location, thus monitoring her improvement in real time and with real high quality video imagery. Forgot the doctor side for a second, and just think of how amazing it would be to be that close to your baby in hard times like that were they are unreachable.

Wednesday I finished this piece up and then explored the main floor a bit. It was amazing to see all of these great companies networking and displaying things I didn’t even know existed. The two smaller pieces were 4x4, the largest 4x6 and all took 4-6 hours each.

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