Sunday, February 2, 2014

Looking ahead...

Keep an eye out- soon I will be doing a video workshop for first time artists, a chalk review, special time lapses, and other fun things!

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Artfest Ft Myers 2014

This past weekend I was one of the professional chalk artists at ArtFest Ft Myer's for the second year! We instruct and judge 14 teams of high school student's while completing a sponsor piece (thank you Truy Nolen) and our own. It is always super tough because the students do such amazing work and we can never agree on just who is the top. This year the other very talented professional artists were Charfade, Lee Jones, BK Lyons, and Ron Hawkins.

My finished piece, which I like to call "DIY", was inspired by Alice in Wonderland's Absinthe the caterpillar. Size was about 7x7 and took a little over 5 hours to complete.

Then on Sunday I came back and did a 1x2ft spider, about 30 minutes, just for some added fun!

Some extra photo's from this weekend:

Photo credit for some of these go to Charfade, who also did the ant. We all shared work on the sponsor piece.