Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Uptown Art Expo - 2014

I have a confession... I am in love with Alecia Moore. I have been forever. P!nk is my all time favorite musician, hands down.

This year I decided to celebrate her by doing a portrait - and what better place than the Uptown Art Expo in Altamonte, FL since one of their main theme's is music. It took about 5 hours, 5x7ft.

I got off to a good start as some college students from Daytona stopped by to film by progress (more on that in my next post) although the day did not look promising as bad weather loomed. We tapped everything up and left as it started to pour. The next morning everything was ruined but myself and a few other artists were determined to get through and finish our pieces. Well, our determination paid off as the remaining 5 artists all got an award - and I won best of show!

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