About Street Painting

What does "Street Painting" mean?
Street Painting is a term often used in reference to chalk art being done on the street or sidewalk. For the most part solid pastel chalk is being used, although there are artists who break the pigment down into liquid form and paint it on the surface. It is all water soluble and environmentally friendly.

Where did it come from?
"Street painting has it's roots in 16th century Italy, when artists who adorned the churches were finished with a project, they would take to the streets and recreate the art in chalk for a living.  The artists were called Madonnari, because many of the images were religious in nature and featured the Madonna and child."- Jennifer Chaparro

Where can I find festivals?
Your best bet is to check out FCAA (if you live in Florida) or the ISPS to get a run down of the events. Festivals happen all over the world and you might even have one in your area. 

*More info to come*

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