Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Arbor Lakes Chalkfest - 2016

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to be part of Minnesota's first ever Chalk Festival, Arbor Lakes Chalkfest! I was one of 21 artists able to come and it was an amazing experience. I had never been to Minnesota before and this festival went above and beyong to make sure we had a great time, even more so since it was my 7 year wedding anniversary.

Back in 2014 I got permission from one of my lifelong favorite artists, Brian Froud. As you know, I haven't been to to many festivals over the past year so I jumped at the opportunity to finally have a large important festival to bring a piece of his work to the street. With the help of the festival, I decided on "Queen of the Bad Faeries", a little spooky but so visually striking and still a little playful.

And we begin...
For the first time I laid out a tempera base, it made the chalk go on so smooth and it really helped the material's go farther and just on the pavement... something that is important when you are doing a 10x10ft piece.

Do you know I freehand? All of this was freehanded onto the street. My proportions arn't always spot on, but it works and I always feel just that extra bit of accomplishment. On this piece I started at the eyes and worked outward.

ALL DONE! I got to work around 7:30 Saturday, of course there was alot of prep work with the paint, ect. Then around 12-1pm it got so hot I took a very long break. This is Minnesota, I didn't sign up for Florida Weather! I clocked in a few evening hours as well, I had no idea it stayed light till 9pm... Sunday I was determined to be done early so from 5am-11pm I finished up my second half and enjoyed the rest of the day.

And for the grand finally.... "Art and all beauty is for the moment - ten seconds or ten centuries. The expressions of the moment are ever present because we can live only in the ever present."

This video has gotten alot of strong reactions, but it really was awesome to watch. To quote another artist, Willie Zin, "...the thought of seeing it washed away in front of me was unimaginable until I physically saw mine being pressured washed off. It was actually quite amazing. I didn't feel sad but an excitement because it means we will come again and giving me another reason to redo.. reborn and relive... a sense of a life cycle in a positive way of thinking. And I like that.. I thought I would feel terrible inside but it didn't. .. I do understand about the fading part. But, it's taking me to a new level of thinking. Life itself is not permanent. In this case, short lived and we do our best to preserve that moment in the process and accepting it as it goes away in front of us... a bittersweet emotion to me... yet gives me hope to come back..."