Sunday, November 16, 2014

Silver Springs November 2014

 Silver Springs was great! It was a very small event, as one of the biggest chalk festivals took place that weekend as well, but I had a blast here with a small group of just 4 artists. We were sitting in the beautiful park, chalking at our leisure, and enjoying the weather. The surface was great and we had an overhang on the sidewalk (no sun!). So it was amazing, not to mention how well we were treated by the organizers.... needless to say I am excited to go back.
 My first day I came late, did my dog Harley in about 2 hours then started on the other dogs the second day, about 1 dog every 15-30 minutes. So I have to estimate about 8 hours total (if that).
Who are these other dogs? Some are related, some belong to portrait clients, some are for the other artists, and some are friends with my dog Harley on instagram - @harleythehusky

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