Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 quick recap!

Another Chalk season is over for me! I am ready for my two month break before I start back up in 2014.... But to recap:

2013 Festivals I attended (not including private events):

I had a great time at these and hope to attend even more in 2014, its going to be a busy beautiful year as I plan on chalking fantasy themed work all year - just to get back to focusing on what I enjoy, beautiful colorful art. My main goal for 2014 is to place at a festival with more than 50 artists so that I can become a Master. I would also like to do a 3D piece and set up my timelapse for each piece I do.... I will also be featured in a Daytona College production called "CreARTivity" (more info coming soon). Although before all of this happens I need to take inventory and restock on some colors!

I will be posting my  2014 schedule as I make it on the side bar - if you would like me to attend your event please get in contact ASAP,

Artworks Eau Gallie - 2013

Just finished Artwork's Eau Gallie Chalk Block, by very first event as a coordinator. I would like to think it was a success, although I have more idea's for next year :)

I would like to thank all of the artists who participated, especially my explosion of Westshore student's who showed up and did great work. I would also like to thank my judge, Sandy Johnson for volunteering on such short notice.

The Highland Mint, Waterline Marina, Eau Gallie Woodworking, Let the Girl's do it Cleaning, Eau Gallie Ace Hardware, and Premiere Oaks Theater.

My piece from today was a rendition of the Capricorn Zodiac by Kagaya, he does amazing work so I suggest you go check them out :)

Size: 4x4.5
Time: 5 hours (give or take, I was running around alot)

I also took alot of images throughout the day, feel free to check them out: 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Disney's Festival of the Masters 2013

Size: 5x5ft
Time: 6 hours
For this festival I decided to recreate a piece by Marina Dieul, who was nice enough to give me permission to do so! Super Excited, this will be my first time doing a piece from a living master!
"Le Rouge Gorge" by Marina Dieul (Please go check her out!) or

And a few in progress pictures!



I am officially a qualified artist! I received my designation at the annual FCAA meeting - now my goal for next year is to become a master!
Check out the FCAA Certification Program HERE