Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Florida Air Academy Earthday 2013

unknown size, about 6x6 and 4 hours
Done on April 17th at Florida Air Academy to celebrate their Earth Day Festival. The festival was put together to educate the kids and it was an awesome day filled with all kinds of events.

Select groups of students participated in an "Amazing Race" where they went to each vender and learned about different things. Below were my objectives and what each group had to do.

A) Impact and Power of Art
Objective: Something like street art (considered a performance art) has a huge impact on those watching it get created as it allows them to interact and get involved. The message is learned faster and it sticks in your mind because of its size.
Activity: Get down and help! Fill in a fish scale with a color of your choice.

B) Social Media as a Public Tool
Objective: Street art encourages you to take pictures of it (since it is not doneon paper, once it rains it is gone), thus quickly spreading the information and getting people interested without paper waste
Activity: Take a picture and share it online (facebook, instagram, twitter, ect)

C) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Objective: Many things can be switched over to reusable form so that there is less waste, even in the creative aspects of your life. Examples for what I am currently using: cloth (recycled shirts) instead of wet wipes, garbage bags instead of gloves, ect
Activity: Write down a way you can reuse or recycle something wasteful in your life.

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